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Funny Westerners

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German Stereotypes

Germans at the Simpson’s

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A German in France (HSBC)

HSBC Intercultural German

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Big Bang Theory: Sheldon Learning Chinese Language

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Funny video about how hard it is to learn Chinese language

Sheldon learning Chinese on Youtube.

“You just called Leonard a syphilitic donkey.”


Or enjoy Sheldon speaking Chinese.


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Slanted Eyes – Cartoon about Slanted Eyes and other Stereotypes

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(…) Meanwhile, Ling-Ling is trying to get his driver’s license. He aces the written portion of the exam, but fails miserably at the driving test. Wooldoor explains that Ling-Ling is a bad driver because he is Asian (playing off a well-known stereotype), and decides to help Ling-Ling pass by making him more American—namely, by Scotch-taping his eyes so that they are round instead of slanted.

In addition to gaining the ability to speak perfect English, Ling-Ling now sees the world as everyone else does, and aces his driving test. By doing so, he inspires all Asians everywhere to do the same. The NAAYP even wishes to present Ling-Ling with an award for opening up everyone’s eyes. However, at the award ceremony, Godzilla calls Ling-Ling out and accuses him of turning his back on his culture. Ling-Ling resists the notion, but finally comes to agree. He makes a speech to everyone present at the ceremony that they should just be themselves, and not to forget who they are. He removes the Scotch tape from his eyes and begins speaking his normal language again. All of the Asians in attendance listen to his words and do the same. Unfortunately, after leaving the ceremony, they all promptly crash their cars into the auditorium. (….) Source

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Accidental Humour

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Engrish – cool website with a treasure of what can happen to the English language.


Very suspicious, Dr. Watson!


Still my favorite.

For a scientific background about this kind of humour, please check this:

Accidental Humor in International Public by Mohammed Farghal

Dept. of English, Kuwait University, Kuwait


This paper examines accidental humor as it manifests itself in international public notices displayed in English. It shows that accidental humor, just like intentional humor, essentially stems from script opposition and script overlap (Raskin, 1985). However, it lacks intentionality, which plays a key role in contrived humor. In this way, accidental humor is based on the interaction between the text and the receiver, apart from the producer. In particular, accidental humor in interlingual communication is the output of the producer’s language incompetence in the target language, whereas it is the result of the producer’s landing in unintended ambiguity in intralingual communication. In such humor, therefore, the initiator infringes one or more maxims of conversation (Grice, 1975), unlike intentional humor, where the joke teller exploits conversational maxims for communicative purposes, in order to generate conversational implicature and, subsequently, laughter. (…)

Read his full article here:

The Immigrant Institutetfrom Sweden offers a large database about different aspects of intercultural research.