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What Germans think about Chinese

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What Germans think about Chinese and Chinese think about Germans

对你来说什么“最中国”? 最“中国”? 人们一起做所有的事,从不单独做任何事,这也许是一种典型的中国方式。人总在社会中,总在一起。如果有一些自己的想法的话,那就最好不说出来,而只说别人认为自己应该说的话——但这并不一定是对方想听到的话。

Read more at the Deutsch-Chinesisches Kulturnetz at

See also there, what the Chinese think about Germans (nur auf Deutsch): 😉

Chinese artist Yang Liu did an excellent job in using this pictographs to explain the differences between Chinese and German culture.



The full set is available here.

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