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Malaysia – Truly Asia

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First of all I have to say, that Malaysia is the most warm-hearted and friendly country I ever have been to.

I strongly recommend Malaysia for any tourist. It is a highly developed country and THE vital beating heart of Asia. Three different cultures meet there, the Malay, the Chinese and the Indian. All three cultures mainly preserved their own identity. It only takes minutes to change from Chinese to Indian or to Malay. The neighbour country is Thailand, which was independent ever since, never “colonialised” by a Western force. Of course it is not always easy to get along with the neighbors, but Malaysia is a politically and economically very stable country. Nowhere else on the world you have such a variety of cultures at one place.  It is the only place in Asia, where you can get along only with English language.

When four cultures meet so closely, there is surely a competition in the different kitchens. Nowhere else on the world  you can get such a variety of different Asian food at one place.

Malaysia is a Muslim country, but almost half of the population is from a totally different culture, meaning not Muslim. The Malay population calls calls themselves “Bumiputeri”- children of the earth. The Malay style of Islam is used to get along with “Non-Believers”.

Malaysia is the perfect Hub to enter any Asian market. For a scientific approach to Malay culture in terms of economics get this .pdf or visit the!

A good source of information about Malaysia is the “New Straits Times”

My favourite source of information is still the Malaysiakini:

Interesting Weblog about a Malay student living in Germany:   Jalan-Jalan Di Deutschland Some of it is written in Malayu, but enough in English.

Veeery Malay-Malay: The Malaysian Life

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26/07/2009 at 00:06

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